3 Options For Your South African Safari: Which Adventure Will You Choose?

If you are planning a vacation to South Africa in the near future, a safari may be your adventure of choice. South Africa is known for their guided safari opportunities, and there are a few different options to consider. For instance, will you choose a trek on foot, a drive through a South African game park, or perhaps a ride-on safari where a horse, camel, or an elephant will be your means of transportation? Learn more about the various types of safari tours in this exciting and untamed land, then let the adventure begin:

1. A Safari Trek Through the South African Bush (or Mountains)

If you wish to experience the sights and sounds of the African bush up close and hands on, a walking tour might be your best option. During a walking tour, your senses will be energized, as you experience everything the bush has to offer. See the various vegetation and greenery, experience an up close view of insects, birds, and wildlife that are indigenous to the land, and get a real feel for the African bush as you experience the adventure on foot.

A nature walk safari may include a guided walking tour lasting a few hours or an all-encompassing adventure that extends for several days. The extended tours will place you in the thick of the wilderness for several days or a week, where you will rest and sleep at a bush camp. You'll be roughing it for sure, as there will be no luxuries of home, but it may be the adventure of a lifetime for the adventurer. Many safari tours offer accompaniment by an armed ranger or guide, who will carry a firearm for precautionary measures. This adventure is not for the faint of heart, so be prepared for a thrilling time.

If the idea of a trek through the African bush does not motivate you, a mountain walking tour is another option. Along the way, you'll view South Africa's volcanoes, highlands, mountains, and plateaus.

2. A Guided Drive Through an African Game Park

African game parks are another exciting way to see some of the country's most noted wildlife up close, from the confines of a 4x4 vehicle. Choose a national game park or smaller, private reserve. This wilderness retreat far from city life will place you in a spectacular world where man meets beast. The guided safari driving tours may also include a return flight back to your city hotel. If you prefer, your game drive may be a shorter excursion of several hours or one full day only.

Enjoy excursions where you may make stops at canyons and waterfalls. View the African game from the safety of your truck. Whether you are into birding or you simply wish to view all of the land in its glory and splendor at a relaxing pace, a driving tour is for you. You may stop at a lodge for a meal or snacks.

As an alternative to a guided drive, you might opt for a self drive gaming tour. This option allows you to explore a game park at your own leisure during daytime hours, stopping for a picnic lunch along the way. Most game parks offer maps so you can enjoy the excursion to the fullest.

3. A South African Animal Riding Excursion

If you research very thoroughly, you may find the opportunity for a riding safari adventure while in South Africa. How would you like to explore every inch of the bush on horseback? Perhaps you'd prefer a more exotic feel and would opt for a safari camel or elephant ride. These offerings are far and few between, but they are available in select locations.

If a trek on horseback sounds enticing, reserve your adventure at a South African lodge that features a riding stable. This may include several hours of riding and stopping at a mobile camp for rest and refreshments. The riding trails may bring you up close to wildlife game, many of which are considered to be dangerous, so you might want to choose a trail for beginners if you are inexperienced.

There are so many ways to experience the excitement of an African safari vacation, so don't forget to bring your camera to capture every thrilling moment.

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